This was a fun project. Each year the United Way picks a animal or thing to paint. Local businesses buy the objects, in case the Bears and commission artists to paint these Bears. At the end of summer they have a BIG party and action off the Bears and all the money goes to the United Fund of Naperville.

The city benefits with all this great art work all around the downtown area, and plenty of tourist traffic. The artist benefit with a commission and the United Way raises a ton of money for worthy causes... all in all a win win for everyone! Plus, it's a lot of fun being creative!

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liza_marianne_party.jpg - 20113 Bytes
Marianne and Liza at the United Way Bear Party!
golf_bear.jpg - 33317 Bytes These two shots are the starting shots of the Bears both are just starting to come alive. liza_sittingbear.jpg - 29432 Bytes
golf_bear_at_party.jpg - 43154 Bytes Golfing Bear... Whch was known as "Bearly made the Green" for Seven Brdges Golf Course, is partying with Liza! golf_bear_at_party2.jpg - 10302 Bytes

sittingbear_at_party.jpg - 26475 Bytes The Sitting Bear, was designed for the Naper Settlement and wore the Tartan Plaid of Joe Naper the founder of Naperville! liza_sittingbear2.jpg - 26936 Bytes