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The Art of Interior and Exterior Design........
It looks like....
But it isn't.

Florida and Illinois commissions being considered.

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mainpage.jpg - 21339 Bytes       Liza and Marianne designed and completed in the summer of 2005 a Mural Commissioned by the Naperville Century Walk Council . The Mural depicts downtown Naperville in the 1960's and 1970's. The Mural took 3 months to complete, Liza and Marianne enjoyed every minute of it.
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Faux finishes date from Ancient times. Man's earliest attempts to change the look of his world from cave drawing to giant exterior murals.

FauxFor Real is dedicated to making the "Faux" real in your environment - indoors or outdoors.

Marianne and Liza are both artists with a love of adding to and changing living environments - indoors or outdoors.

     Please look at our website and see the changes we have made in other people's living environment. If you like our work or would like to consult with us on ideas especially for you, please......... Email us for ideas or information.